Friday, October 22, 2010

Racist NAACP Called Out - Force Cameras Out of Meeting (Vid)

St Louis NAACP Hypocrites lie about Tea Party being racist but cover up/dismiss proof of Racism in NAACP. The Liberal Civil Rights groups and the Unions (SEIU) are working hand in hand to beat down (Kenneth Gladney) the opponents of the Liberal agenda.

The NAACP is not against any bias or discrimination of any one of any race of any form. It is in their name. Advancement of colored people. What about non colored people? Albinos need advancement too.

NAACP - We Can't Be Racists - We're Black - only WHITES can be Racists. (NOT!)

I believe that white people are the new minority. Reverse Racism is all the rage these days. The double standards are sickening. One of many great examples is The Black Panthers with clubs standing at an entrance of a polling place, this is OK? No charges filed, case dropped by Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. Sick!

This is OK? Obama and Holder think so. Case dismissed. Who are the real Racists?

Great Job SharpElbows in getting this NAACP footage!

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