Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sarah Palin "GOP Is Through" If It Doesn't Get Tea Party Message (Vid)

This is one of the best responses by Sarah Palin to an interview I have ever seen. She is asked tough questions and answers them all while signing autographs and shaking adoring fans hands. Watch the way people reach out to her and give her affectionate handshakes. Sarah Palin is a star and will continue to be as long as she wants. I know I love her and would vote for her for President (or whatever) if she were to run today. Things will change between today and Nov. 2012 of course but right now she is the one to beat in my opinion. She is real and people respond to her common sense conservative message. We all love her, get over it Libs. (my commentary continues below the video)

Liberals are complete idiots that do not understand simple common sense logic. There is no debate with a liberal. They don't care about the facts or history that prove socialism/liberalism has failed miserably every where it has been tried throughout history. They also don't care about fixing the economy either. Cloward and Piven! Get out and VOTE Conservative!

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