Friday, November 12, 2010

CNN Parker "I Led the Assassination of Sarah Palin" (Vid)

John Ziegler sure knows how to get people to crack, especially liberals. CNN has been totally in the tank for Obama since he announced his desire to be president. Kathleen Parker says other media outlets were mean and unfair to Sarah Palin but then admits she led the Assassination of Sarah Palin. It's about time a liberal said something truthful. The left continues to say Sarah Palin has nothing of substance to say and yet she is more popular than ever to common sense Conservative Americans. Ziegler does a masterful job of turning the table on these two clowns on CNN, enjoy.

How Obama got elected


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Reaganite Republican said...

Zeigler is just great- I loved how he tore Contessa Brewer to shreds on MSLSD lol