Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving History-Not What we Learned in School (Vid)

Rush explains that Socialism was tried way back when the Pilgrims first landed on our soil. This excerpt of Rush's show is why he is so valuable. He tells us the truth that our own schools lied to us all about. Government growth, size and expanding regulation/control is the biggest enemy to liberty, freedom and truth that there is. Rush says it much better than I, enjoy.


Anonymous said...


I have a message for the webmaster/admin here at

May I use some of the information from this blog post right above if I give a link back to your site?


Reaganite Republican said...

Happy Thanksgiving, and best to you and yours PFFV!

Government Mess said...

William feel free to use any information on my blog. It is my objective to inform as many people as possible to the truth that the MSM hides and lies about. Spread the message of truth any way you can.

Happy Thanksgiging to you as well my friend. Best of wishes to you and yours too James.