Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3 Years of Unemployment, Why Work? Obama Speech (Vid)

Obama extends unemployment benefits to 155 weeks (3 Years!). How does paying people NOT to work for 3 years help anything? There are jobs out there but people have no reason to get a lower paying job or job they don't desire because they can just sit back and soak up the liberal (taxpayers) wine.

Things are going to get much worse because we are still spending and expanding government at a record breaking pace. We are forced to accept a Marxist Socialist agenda and many huge government entitlement programs while being told on the other hand by the Marxist in Chief that "We all will have to face tough choices", but not now, later on when the Financial Crap really hits the fan.

This administration is the perfect example of a Government that has gotten totally out of control in almost every aspect. Imagine 2 more years of this, will we have anything left to rebuild? If Conservatives can't turn this fiscal nightmare around I fear that only God will be able too. God please help us to help those blinded by liberal stupidity to see the real truth and error of their ways.

This speech is the same old liberal hypocrisy. He says we should do one thing while we do the opposite. Watch the worst president in history speak in circles.

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