Thursday, December 16, 2010

Attention! This is a must Read for All Americans

I have had the honor of getting to know and associate with James a brilliant conservative mind and writer over at ReaganiteRepublican. He put together an outstanding yet disturbing piece that everyone needs to check out called -
APOCALYPSE NOW? No . . . but Soon Enough

Fiscal train-wreck racing round the bend...

Congressional Republicans gain the most seats in 40 years, and what we get is a trillion-dollar Porkulus II -The Sequel? At a total cost that again exceeds the entire cost of the Iraq war?

Discouragingly, Curt at Flopping Aces sees the package already a done-deal... with a weaker-than-circus-lemonade GOP throwing away recently hard-won political capital to bring us more spending, pork, and class warfare. You're excused if you naively thought all this is precisely what America just massively rejected... so did I.

As the GOP inexplicably caves to a weakened Obama/Reid, congressional Republicans are quick to stress that this sort of deal with the White House -which again exposes all previous pay-as-you-go platitudes from the President as flat-out lies- would never see the light of day after the first of the year.

And all parties are understandably keen to avert an immediate economic disaster by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire- which Art Laffer predicted would put us right-over the cliff somethime in 2011... but both tax cuts and a trainload of pork with zero offsets...?

Tellingly, the bond market is appalled- T-bills tanked hard yesterday, with the biggest sell-off in two years... worst since the Lehman Bros collapse. This horrendous month has seen borrowing costs soar for America, Europe, and Japan by more than 25%... you do the math on times-a-few-trillion to see just what that means-bond investors seem to have it sussed.

Small wonder then a growing number of serious people now speak of the previously-unthinkable: a comprehensive economic collapse in the United States of America.
Read the rest of this outstanding piece and more here

Thanks to ReaganiteRepublican for leading the charge for conservative truth and exposing the left for the non-thinking cowards that they are.


Reaganite Republican said...

Thanks for the support, sir- we live in momentous times indeed

Government Mess said...

You are most welcome my friend, you will always have my support. Tyranny is every free mans enemy even if they don't realize it yet.