Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Disaster! FCC Approves Plan to Regulate Internet!

When Government is out of control it tries to take over everything it can in a lust for as much power and control as it can get. Now the thugs in Washington DC think they can take over the Internet? You bet they will try. If this Government take over/censoring of the Internet happens it could be a huge blow to free speech and big loss to one of the best freedoms we have had. After all, we can afford to keep growing Government right?

Growing Government in the name of helping people is an old worn out Scam. Every Pork Filled Government Bill passed stinks with corruption, fraud, and massive wasteful spending. When will the people rise up and stop this out of control Monster called Fedzilla? The spending has to stop! Cut Government Spending 20% across the board to start off with. Then we can start to eliminate useless government programs and foolish studies. Ironically DrudgeReport just posted this.

UPDATE FROM DRUDGE: Government liabilities rose $2 Trillion in FY 2010: Treasury

(Reuters) - The U.S. government fell deeper into the red in fiscal 2010 with net liabilities swelling more than $2 trillion as commitments on government debt and federal benefits rose, a U.S. Treasury report showed on Tuesday.

The Financial Report of the United States, which applies corporate-style accrual accounting methods to Washington, showed the government's liabilities exceeded assets by $13.473 trillion. That compared with a $11.456 trillion gap a year earlier.
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Fox News Has the Breaking FCC Update Below the Video:

3 Reasons the FCC Shouldn't "Touch" the Internet

WASHINGTON -- The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday approved a plan to regulate the Internet despite warnings that it could strangle industry investment and damage an economy that is still struggling to recover.

The 3-2 vote fell along partisan lines with Democrats capitalizing on their numerical advantage.

The rules would prohibit phone and cable companies from abusing their control over broadband connections to discriminate against rival content or services, such as Internet phone calls or online video, or play favorites with Web traffic.

Lawmakers in both parties have been arguing for months that Congress, not the Obama administration, should take the lead role in deciding whether and how much to police the web. But despite a brief backing-off earlier in the year, the FCC has pushed ahead with its new regulatory plan.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski secured the three votes needed for approval, despite firm opposition from the two Republicans on the five-member commission.

Commissioner Robert McDowell, a Bush appointee, said the FCC's plan "appears to some as an obsessive quest to regulate at all costs."

"Some are saying that instead of acting as a cop on the beat, the FCC looks more like a regulatory vigilante," he said.

Genachowski's two fellow Democrats voted for the rules, even though they have said they consider them too weak.

Commissioner Michael Copps said Tuesday that he "seriously" considered voting against the plan.

"But it became ever more clear to me that without some action today the wheels of network neutrality would grind to a screeching halt for at least the next two years," he said.

The outcome caps a nearly-16-month push by Genachowski to pass "network neutrality" rules and marks a key turning point in a policy dispute that began more than five years ago.

Genachowski said he's proud of the process and the results, saying that the plan has drawn a wide range of support from technology and Internet companies to investors to labor, civil rights and consumer groups.

Our framework has been supported by a number of broadband providers as well who recognize the sensible balance of our actions and the value of bringing a level of certainly to this broad issue," he said.

But the move raises concern that the FCC could soon have its regulatory foot in the door of the wild wild West of the Internet -- with an eye toward eventually exerting tighter control over content at a time when sites like WikiLeaks openly snub the government.

Republicans warn that the new rules would impose unnecessary regulations on an industry that is one of the few bright spots in the current economy, with phone and cable companies spending billions to upgrade their networks for broadband.

Burdensome net neutrality rules, they warn, would discourage broadband providers from continuing those upgrades by making it difficult for them to earn a healthy return on their investments.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told President Obama on Tuesday to leave the Internet alone, arguing that his administration has already nationalized health care, banks and student loans.

"That's why I and GOP senators have urged the FCC chairman to back off," he said on the Senate floor.

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