Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FCC Working With Al Sharpton on Rush Hearings?

Rev. Al Sharpton has met with Government officials recently in talks about having hearings for the likes of Rush Limbaugh and others that they say are being Racist. They want to silence free speech for those that disagree with them. Since when does Al Sharpton become the voice of the virtuous? His entire existence and wealth is built on Charges of Racism. In my opinion Sharpton is a big time race baitor and slimy opportunist. Listen to him, he makes me sick.

The most sickening fact is that Rush Limbaugh is not one tiny bit racist at all. Sharpton would never meet and discuss the issues with Limbaugh because he knows he would be made an ass of. So like a well trained Black Liberation Theologist Rev. Al cries RACISM with zero evidence.


Reaganite Republican said...

WTF is wrong with this country

It's like a 4yr Twighlight Zone episode that's not even half over

I seriously never thought America could get so weird so quick... ever since 2003 or so voters just seemed dumber by the day, and now we live with the catastrophic results, great

As for Big Al Sharpton, he ought to be in jail

Government Mess said...

I know man; the average citizen is getting dumber by the day in this country. Why do people refuse to use simple common sense thinking?

It seems people would rather get something for free by playing the role of a victim. That is the liberal mindset I think. No one should have to work. Just let government take care of everything for you.

They don't care about the facts that show a government that takes care of the people is not one that provides freedoms that we all enjoy here in the USA today.

May God Help Us All. Until then I rely on True Conservatives to lead us out of this catastrophe.