Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ferguson "Journalist is much the Same thing as Democrat" (Vid)

This is great and has to be viewed to truly be appreciated. Craig Ferguson, host of the 'Late Late Show' is a brilliant guy.

This whole clip is entertaining but the highlight is at: 7:22 - Ferguson "You're a Democrat aren't you?" Wolffe "I'm a journalist." Ferguson "A journalist? Much the same thing isn't it?" Finally some of the Hollywood elites are catching on to the ridiculous liberal media bias. Liberals are all about talking points and rhetoric. They have no desire to debate with facts or substance. They play the victim card and talk about everyone else instead of the issues. Look at the whole "Global Warming" scam. Once the facts were made public (With no help from the Lib Media) the people rejected it unanimously. Truth = Conservatism and simple common sense.

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Amusing Bunni said...

Good for Craig, he's my fav late nite guy, but I usually fall asleep before he's on. Thanks for posting.
PS: the Christmas cartoons you sent RR were hilarious, I want to see the others ;-)