Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Great Global Warming Scam - BBC Report (Vid)

Want the truth? Then you need to watch this BBC video report.

The United Nations and the Pro-One World Government Progressives want to have an International Tax and Regulatory Control of everything in every Nation. Anyone that still believes in the Global Warming Hoax is one of two things, Misinformed/Stupid or a Liberal that thinks Bigger Government is the answer to every problem, even if the problem is a Lie created to Scam the citizens of the entire world. Liberals are Anti-Freedom and Anti-American. They are the cancer that is destroying the free world.

Thanks to BBC for showing this unbiased report that the United States liberal MSM will never report. I think everyone should view this report, enjoy the truth.


Reaganite Republican said...

Hit the nail RIGHT on the head

Government Mess said...

Thanks Bro, I am trying to simplify the message to make an irrefutable point that liberalism is for idiots. I hope you and yours are having an awesome Holiday Season my good friend.