Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Press Laughs at Gibbs-Says Congress will Read the Omnibus

Maybe Baghdad Bob should ask John Conyers (D-Mich) about reading bills. He was the one who laughed and made the infamous comment about not reading the bills because it takes a team of two lawyers to translate it... and he's over the Judiciary Committee. I'm sure Obama will go through, line-by-line, and veto all those earmarks as he promised to do once he was President. Maybe he'll call Bill back to show him how to be President or at least Adulterer in Chief.

Why bother reading the $1.1 Trillion Dollar Pork Bill or bother knowing what is in it? Who writes these 2,000 page bills? I want names of these Anti-American Crooks that hide in the shadows while secretly raping the people of this Country.

Here is a real back slapper, Dems Now Claim they Care About the Deficit.

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