Saturday, December 4, 2010

Truth about Bush Tax Cuts & History of Income Tax (Vid)

It's nice to see real journalism and truth being reported for a change. The bottom line is that Higher taxes on anyone is bad. The out of control government needs to learn to live within its means like us lowly commoners have to. Cut government by 20% in every department except defense.

What has the departments of Energy, Education, and many others done for the betterment of our country? Nothing, just more federal money flushed down the toilet. The department of Energy was created to make the USA energy independent are we? No!

The department of Education was created to give our school children better education. Did it? If you call liberal indoctrination (brainwashing) of our children better education maybe, but I don't think so. Every entity the government creates is sold to us as 'for the betterment of our society'. Show me one single government program that isn't a failure or that isn't going broke outside our military. Social Security - Broke, Medicare/Medicaid Massive Fraud - Broke, even the Post Office can't pay its own bills without costing tax payers more every year.

I think I can make better decisions for me and my family than the corrupt federal government (Fedzilla) can. Get the hell out of our lives!

The bigger government gets the less freedom we have. A Limited Conservative Federal Government is our only hope to save our future generations way of life. We must STOP out of control Government growth, or else.

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