Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chris Christie - RINO Republican Called Out - Tom Marr (Aud)

All you Chris Christie lovers need to check this out. Tom Marr on the Mark Levin Show 1/20/2010 totally exposing Chris Christie as a RINO. He pulled no punches. Also includes a number of call in listeners. One who thought he like Chris Christie until Tom Marr set him straight. Funny and very informative. Anyone who likes Chris Christie must listen to this and re-evaluate, enjoy the facts.


Reaganite Republican said...

Christie is over-rated

While I love watching him slap around the unions as much as the next guy, Gov. Christie’s squishy on Cap-n-Trade and weak on 2nd Amendment issues.

Christie is clueless in dealing with terrorists/GZM, where's he's taken positions that are irritating to say the least.

He’s not at all tough on ObamaCare

He endorsed Mike Castle... uber Rino

No thanks

Amusing Bunni said...

Very Enlightening, Phil.
I'm glad the truth is coming about about this RINO.
He's gonna have some 'splainin to do.