Sunday, January 9, 2011

Media Blames Tea Party & Conservatives for Blood Bath

A very tragic and horrific shooting took place in Arizona as most of us all know by now. The media of course couldn't wait (Click Here) to brand the crazy loon that carried out these insane acts as a Right Wing Radical, and they have. Of course this isn't the case, The shooter was a liberal nut as Jim Hoft points out over at GatewayPundit (Click Here) to read the facts. In fact Jim also points out that our Mobster President does far more to incite the radicals (Click Here) than the pundits on the right ever have.

Keith Olbermann as always ties the entire driving force of the mad mans evil to Conservative Talk and TV shows that (in his words) "spew vile rhetoric". This is the mind of a liberal and it sure is sick.

Liberal Politician's and their news Pundits need to realize that this tragedy is the wrong time to point fingers at the TEA PARTY or GLENN, or RUSH et al. THIS is a time for right and left to join together in prayer. I am a TEA party member, and I am offended but not surprised at this. This is a tragedy, liberals get off your soap boxes and get on your knees. People are dead, and injured. I would never delight in the death of another American just because they have a 'D' in front of their name. We have the right to discourse, not violence. My prayers go out to all those involved in this tragedy.

The Conservative = Violent / Liberal = Non-Violent Myth


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