Friday, January 14, 2011

Liberals Send Death Wishes/Threats To Sarah Palin - Video

When will Obama and the liberal leadership speak out against Hate like this from their own rank and file lefties? Never of course. The hypocrisy never ends with liberals. They lie about the shooters connections to Palin to make her look bad even though it was all total lies. Every news station mentioned Palin being a possible factor in the crazy murderers intentions and eventual slaughter. The MSM will never come out and report this nor will any women's/civil rights groups point this out as an injustice. Because of all that vitriolic untrue rhetoric against Sarah Palin she now is being attacked violently and they want her dead, watch for yourself.


Anonymous said...

But according to the media pundits across the spectrum, it is only conservatives who are violent and speak deadly rhetoric. What am I missing here?

Government Mess said...

The media pundits that matter (Conservatives) are pointing out this fact but the MSM (Corrupt Liberals) continue to carry out the lies that are polluting the minds of the lemming followers. The liberal media is guilty of doing exactly what it claims to want to stop. Liberals are the cancer of the world and need to be removed from power before it's too late.