Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NBC & Mom Exploit Son in Dress - PC Libs are Sick (Vid)

I just talked the other day here about The Gaying of America and what does NBC put on the airwaves? A 5 year old boy who likes to wear dresses and his pretentious politically correct Mom trying to sell her book about the same issue.

Did you know what your sexual orientation was at the ripe old age of 5? I sure don't!

This poor kid will have this following him the rest of his life. The mother of this child and the producers of the show should be arrested for child exploitation. The liberals will exploit anyone for possible political gain. I am praying for this young child. Life will be very hard for him being branded and publicized like this.

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Thanks to Breitbart the Paul Revere of our time.

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Anonymous said...

About 35 years ago Alan Alda and Marlo Thomas sang a little ditty about "William Wants a Doll." It was one of the numbers in "Free to Be You and Me," most of which encouraged homosexuality ... er, make that equality.

Isn't it remarkable, and truly, truly excellently wonderful how far we've come? Why, by now if his little friends beat him up for being a princess boy, the kid's parents can sue; and the Federal Government can step in and get the offenders for a hate crime.

Amerika the beautiful.