Saturday, January 1, 2011

President Barry Soetoro Gives Hypocritical Speech (Vid)

Ok this is sure to make some of you puke, figuratively of course. Obama has a New Years Day hypocritical message about shared responsibilities and teamwork.

He says if anyone has good ideas to help our economy come to him and he will do it if its a workable plan. Barry cut corporate tax rates and taxes on all businesses permanently. Stop regulating businesses out of business. End all useless government agencies. Start with the Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Education, and many others. Many companies have (and still are) leaving this country because it's much easier and far more profitable to produce outside the USA.

Will President Soetoro listen to my ideas? Of course not. Every Liberal sees more Government as the solution to all man kinds problems, real or fake. I hate to put you through this but it's very necessary to see the total double standards he has for himself and liberals. Now listen to the biggest hypocrite in chief ever to hold office as POTUS.

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