Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Tea Party Patriots are Racists " Howard Dean" Video

Howard Dean is really a stupid man (video below) for looking down his nose and branding us Tea Party Patriots as the 55 and older generation and racists. Make no mistake about it he called us all racists. I am 44 this April and all the tea parties I have been to around here have not had one tiny racist element to it what so ever. It's always a diverse crowd of all ages and colors, and very much appreciated.

Tea Party Patriots are the most responsible political movement in my life time. We want to return the power back to the people and to the States by shrinking up all the Federal Governments wasteful agencies and useless bureaucrats/paper pushers. Stop expanding government permanently and reduce government 20% across the board for starters. Then get rid of all the government agencies that do nothing but clog up the free market system and prevent it from flourishing. Most of the "Department of" entities would be abolished forever.

Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean predicts the Tea Party will play an important role in the 2012 presidential election, but calls the political movement the "last gasp of the 55-year-old generation."

"Every morning when they see the president, they're reminded that things are totally different than they were when they were born," says Dean of Tea Party supporters. "It's not just the economy."

Listen to the moron for yourself.

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