Monday, January 31, 2011

You Want Riots Here in the USA? Go Ahead, Kill the Internet

As the unrest in Egypt unfoils and boils over into massive dissent against their government the Corrupt politicians here in the USA are looking at passing an internet Kill Switch here in the United States. Many of the bloated fat cats in power want to control the internet too, of course. The greedy government just can't resist the temptation to seize more and more power for itself in its quest to control every aspect of our daily lives. The last source of truth in news, the internet, is being threatened much like Conservative Talk radio has been with the Fairness Doctrine (or what ever back door scheme they develop that means the same result). The so called progressives and liberal goons in power want to be able to silence any dissent as they see fit.

This could possibly be the governments plan to start an uprising in the USA. Imagine how many people would take to the streets if Fedzilla cut off the Internet, and or Conservative Talk Radio. Many people would be outraged and I believe would grab their pitchforks and torches and head to their government institutions to express their discontent, to put it mildly. The majority of our politicians are not working for the people anymore. They are working for the powerful special interest groups and for their own personal political gain.

We have to turn government around and I think we made a little dent in doing so last November by throwing out a record number of dead beat democrats and useless politicians. The Tea Party is our only hope to return the power back to the people in my opinion. Please get involved in the political debate and educate those that don't have a clue (liberals-democrats-uninformed) about the reality of the situation at hand. Only true Conservatives can help us return to a limited, much smaller Government. 2012 is the time to sweep out the Progressive/Liberal Disease that is destroying our Freedoms, Rights, Economy, and our respect around the world.

Together we can make a huge difference, we have already proven that to be true by the blow out in the last election. The only trusted news comes from Fox News on TV and from Conservative Talk Radio. If you want to hear the truth at any hour just go to Mark Levin's web site (Here) and listen to his podcasts, they are eye opening to say the least.

This is exactly the topic that has been on the forefront of my mind. Proposals for any kind of Internet Kill Switch must be met with furious rejection.

If the founders & framers of the U.S. ever imagined the Internet, they would most certainly have included a statement that the government must absolutely keep it's hands off of it. That is why I have been opposed to the phony "Net Neutrality" proposals since the beginning.

The global awakening is here... enjoy the truth in the video below.


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