Saturday, February 19, 2011

Climate Change Skeptics Are ‘Heretics’ Obama Czar Holdren

To any Liberal the science and proof of man made global warming is settled. The answer to every problem (real or fake) in a liberals mind is more government solutions, meaning more tax-payers money (generational theft) and more anti-business government regulations (loss of jobs).

Here we have John Holdren (Obamas Science Czar) saying anyone that disagrees with Man Made Global Warming.. oh wait, now they call it Climate Change.. is a "Heretic". The liberals can use any language they want and the MSM supports them so much it's a non-story. If anyone associated with the Tea Party called people 'heretics' it would have been an outrage in the media and all the networks would be calling us radicals. Oh wait...they already!

How do these radical Marxists get into office? Watch this guy believe his own lies. this is a textbook Lib right here.

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