Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crazy Liberal - Literally Frothing At The Mouth - Video

This is rather disgusting to watch but it can't be ignored as it shows how the liberal mind works. This guy is so eager to confront Tea Party conservatives he invites them to a boxing match while boasting how great he is of course. Behold... Another Liberal Extremist....Sorry about the!

Side Note: These are the Crazy Protesters (Links Below) that The Main Stream Media was looking for (but couldn't find) in the thousands of Tea Party's across the USA. Now we know the truth about who is radical and extreme, The Left.

Thanks to Bunni for bringing this to my attention.

More Liberal Extremists Here:

Liberal Protester "I Will F**k You in the A**! You Faggot! Click Here for Video

What Liberals Think of the Tea Party (Adults Only) Video - Click Here


John said...

My mother would be disappointed in me if I beat up the mentally disabled.

Government Mess said...

Yes this guy does seem retarded John. Then again don't all liberals?