Thursday, February 24, 2011

Liberal Protester "I Will F**k You in the A**! You Faggot!

It's not hard to find crazy liberals frothing at the mouth as seen below. This guy thinks he is really a big man until the police show up. This is the liberal slime that I detest.

You can choose to abort a fetus, but you can't choose whether or not to be in a union? You think that the union idiots would want to have the choice whether or not to be in it. The ability to leave the union gives the individual members of the union the power to keep the leadership of the union honest and to make sure that they serve the members' interests.

Assault on an innocent cameraman by an 'alleged' union member at the Rhode Island Statehouse on February 22, 2011. this was an unprovoked attack on a citizen documenting the rally for public access TV in Rhode Island. One of many unprovoked attacks that day.

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