Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mark Levin "Obama is a Serial Liar." & Liberals Suck

Mark Levin "The President is a serial liar." In the Super Bowl halftime interview O'Reilly asks if Obama if he is going to raise taxes and Obama said no. Mark exposes the lie of the Obama administration not raising taxes, they already have in a multitude of ways, Mark explains.

This is a great piece by Mark, well worth listening to. Mark exposes the paradox of the attacks from the left on various professions and industries that drive our civil society and which the left directly benefits from. He also stresses how tired he is of hearing that the greatest nation in the world "sucks".

Mark Levin is "Sick and tired of the leftists attacking this society."

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Amusing Bunni said...

Yeah for Mark! I hope all of America is waking up to realize everytime o and his ohag open their yaps, they are lying!