Thursday, February 3, 2011

Most Transparent President Signs 'Start Treaty' Behind Closed Doors?

This is interesting to say the least. What did they want to hide (or keep quiet) by doing the 'Start Treaty' signing behind closed doors? Just one more fishy activity going on that the Obama Mania Media ignores to advance the Socialist Marxist movement.

Most Transparent Presidency: Obama Locks Reporters out of Signing START Treaty

VIDEO: Gibbs: Some Things "Have To Be Done Away From TV Cameras"

One has to start wondering if we will be able to repair all the damage that this Radical Regime has inflicted upon us.

What isn't being disclosed in those two thousand plus page bills? We have yet to find out. Where did all that stimulus bill money go? I haven't seen anyone doing those 'shovel ready' jobs either.

Where did our tax dollars go? Or should I say where did our children and grand children's tax dollars go?

Fiscal Insanity: After Two Years of Failed ‘Stimulus’ Spending, Democrats Want … More ‘Stimulus’???

The government can't grow fast enough or big enough according to liberals. Now big government (E.P.A.) is going to regulate spilled milk on farms -- no joke.

Now the EPA is going to regulate spilled milk -- really

When do we stop this madness called out of control government growth? The bigger government gets the less freedom we have. Educate those around you or we may get Obama for another 4 years. God Help Us.

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