Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Murder In The Name Of Islam Caught on Video

Many people around the world question the mind set/motives of some Muslims when they see horrific acts like this. These three people were brutally murdered in the street because of their religion. I wonder if Obama lived near this area when he was a little boy? I am sure he said he was a Muslim at that time. I also speculate if they allow Christians in Indonesia? Or should I say I wonder if they allow Christians to live to see another day in Indonesia.

Then we have this sick Muslim "Honor Killing" (below the video) right here in New York where a man decapitated his wife because she wanted a divorce. Women are nothing in the Islamic Society that believes in "Sharia Law". What's worse is that it's justified and accepted in their culture. It makes me wonder if their culture is ready to be civilized.

Jury finds New York TV executive guilty of murder for wife's beheading.. HONOR KILLING

What most disturbing is that the Liberals and their Main Stream Media puppets do not talk about this very serious issue that the USA needs to address. Sharia Law must be stopped. At this point Sharia Law is working its way into our society because the liberals want to be tolerant to a point of pure stupidity.

H/T RightScoop for the video.

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