Thursday, February 3, 2011

Radical Imam Says Muslim Brotherhood Should Take Over (Vid)

FNC's Hannity Interviews Professed Radical Islamic Extremist. Sean points out the true radical intentions of the Muslim/Islamic Ideology. Sharia Law is what they want to control all people in every nation around the world.

This is a critical issue because we allow millions of Muslims to come to the USA and set up their own cities. They are not assimilating to the American culture or learning english because they don't have to. They even have Muslim call to prayer on loud speakers through out Dearborn Michigan.

How long will it be before the Islamic uprising starts here? Do you hear any Muslims here in the USA espouse their love for the United States? Of course you don't. The highest honor for them is to die in the name of Allah. Once again here is the truth that the MSM won't report, enjoy.

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