Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sarah Palin's Speech at the Reagan Ranch Center (Vid)

Sarah Palin gives a great speech honoring Ronald W. Reagan. She speaks about Reagan's earth shaking speech "A Time For Choosing" (below).

Liberals are vile and disgusting, scum of the earth, so called Human Beings. You are threatened by Sarah Palin so you attack her and make up lies like liberals always do. Every word she says here in this speech is true and very well delivered. She is smart, funny, polite, and very beautiful, everything the Libs Hate.

This woman could be my President any day! We love you Sarah! Give the Liberals all the rope they need to hang them selves. Sarah is the next Ronald Reagan if there ever was to be one. This is one of Sarah's best speeches ever enjoy.

"A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan


Tracy said...

The characteristics "smart, funny, polite, and very beautiful" appeal to liberals and conservatives. The unfortunate thing is that they are misinterpreted by some as qualifications for politics. Thanks if you consider this comment "professional" and choose to post it.

PFFV said...

Tracy if you watched Palin's whole speech there is no way you could say that she isn't presidential material. She is the real deal.