Friday, February 18, 2011

Unions & Govt Pensions/Benefits Bankrupt the USA

It's time for some "tough choices" as Obama has been saying. Lavish Union and Government Retirement programs paid for by the American taxpayer is destroying our Country financially.

The Wisconsin Teachers 'Sick Out' demonstrations is a perfect example of Liberals gone wild. If any of us ordinary citizens called in sick and we were out demonstrating against our employer would we have a job tomorrow? He!! NO!

Wisconsin Democrats fled to Illinois to escape having to vote on the cost cutting measures and they were busted by a Tea Party Patriot journalist. (Video Below)

The left can get out there and protest in an ugly way and the liberal media puppets side with them all the way. Teachers brought their students to the protest and didn't tell them what they were going to - until they had them loaded on the buses riding to the protest. Most students didn't even know why they were there (as seen in the clip below).

The bottom line is that most unions are just to costly and quite simply, fiscally irresponsible. They can streamline and pay more for their benefits, haven't we all had to pay more in premiums. What the Governor of Wisconsin is asking for is not unreasonable to most common sense conservatives. We understand that the constant growth of government, public sector jobs, and their platinum benefit/retirement programs is unsustainable. The average government worker makes more than double what their equal in the private sector does. It's time to trim the fat but the Liberal Government, Media, and the Unions (Millions in special interest donations) will fight common sense all the way.

Students didn't really know why they were at the protest.

Tea Party Patriot hunts down Wisconsin Democrats that tried to escape the vote. These guys are so!

Mark Levin explains the Union/Public Sector Platinum Benefit/Pension program here.

Liberal teachers don't care about the students.


Anonymous said...

Not all teachers are liberals.

Government Mess said...

Welcome stranger, the vast majority of teachers are in fact liberals. I do agree not every single teacher is a lib but most are. Have a mysterious weekend, who ever you!