Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Boehner, Cantor Fail to Lead, only 54 True Conservatives Stood for Liberty

It looks like John Boehner, Eric Cantor and many other Republicans are failing to do what they promised to the American people. They caved and voted for the temporary stop gap spending bill that keeps government from shutting down. Who Cares if the bloated government shuts down? I don't. The Republicans were told what the American people wanted in the last election by a landslide. We want to shrink government and cut spending in real numbers. The Republicans know what we want and they have leverage now thanks to the Tea Party Patriots.

That leverage could have stood firm and said no more short term bill fixes for government operations until we have a budget agreement. They could have stopped ObamaCare right here in its tracks but they let a prime opportunity slip through their fingers.

I think The elite types like Boehner, Cantor and all the rest that voted for this short term fix are not serious about defunding Obama Care or even very serious about Shrinking the Size of Government or the Spending either. They all said they would cut, shrink and defund but where is it? They don't want to fight for it. That should tell us all what we need to know. Say what we will about the Liberals but at least they know how to fight for what they want. They have passion.

I agree with Mark below, 100%.

Mark Levin: America Needs A Leader In The House And It Doesn't Have One

They should have stood strong like the other 54 Republicans did against any temporary stop gap spending bill that included funding of Obamacare.

Mark Levin: These Are The Fifty Four Republicans That Stood For Liberty And Against Obamacare

Remember when the blizzard hit DC not long ago? Government was shuttered for days and did we suffer? Of course not. Contrary to what the Ruling class thinks, we can survive without them. In fact I say we can cut 30% in every government department across the board right now. Then we can dismantle and discard almost every useless 'Department of' institution in existence.

Our Government is a massive waste of tax payers dollars and it's high time "We The People" have a say, hence the Tea Party. We must elect a real leader for President in 2012 and continue to throw out the failures in the Republican party. We are tired of Republicans that promise things and fail to do what they say. Throw them out!

Where is the bold leader that the Conservatives need? Herman Cain looks great with sound logic and conservative common sense tactics. Allen West looks like the man we really need right now - but will he run? What a true Conservative American War Hero and great man this guy is. He is always a treat to listen to. No script or talking points, no teleprompter, just common sense and constitutional conservative values that he can defend very well with simple logic and great communication skills.

I say Please to Allen West, Please we need you to run for president to save our country from the Marxist Liberals and the Black Liberation Theologists that are dividing us and destroying our once Great Country. We Need You Sir.

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