Friday, March 11, 2011

King Hearing on Radicalization of Muslim Americans is Justified - Truth

Mr. King is 100% correct to hold these hearings. It's time to stop this politically correct BS, denial of the facts. Covering up for radical Muslims in the name of protecting the Muslim religion is dead wrong, literally. Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a prime example of the covering up of a Radical Islamic Terrorist to not upset the Muslim community. Our own President and the Liberal media to this day has not called Hasan a Muslim/Islamic Terrorist or Radical Extremist. They were quick to label the shooter Jared Laughner in AZ a Right-wing Radical influenced by the Tea Party and Sarah Palin though. Of course they were wrong on that, big time. It is a known fact that the Muslim religion is the most intolerant religion on earth.

The civil rights groups and the liberals say to have a conversation about this problem is an outrage and profiling of Muslims. These people are the problem.

I watched the opening statement Rep. Peter King made below and I can not understand why anyone would disagree with what he is saying. I support Mr. King and hope we can stop the Islamization of the U.S.A. before it is too late.

More perspective about Islam.

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