Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lib Liar Howard Dean Gets Punked by Major Garrett

Howard Dean is a classic liberal liar, all liberals are lying sacks of you know what. A government shut down would not cut off essential services. Social Security checks still go out. The military still protects the nation and keeps fighting abroad.

Side Note: Libya is the first war I don't understand. What the hell we are doing? No objective? Just piss away billions on bombing? First they wanted regime change then they didn't. Obama sure didn't tell us in his usual beat around the 'Bush' speech. Pun intended, sorry I just had to do! This administration doesn't even know what it is doing, it's apparent to the entire world.

I digress; the Democrats are calling anyone that wants less government and less spending Extremists. Dean says the Tea Party is nothing but old people on Social Security and Medicaid? He obviously hasn't watched the millions of videos of Tea Parties all across the U.S.A. Democrats/Liberals are all fools in denial and they have another thing coming in 2012.

Watch Major Garrett correct Howard (YEEEEAAAAHHHH!) Dean here it's great.

Flash Back Howard Dean Crazy Campaign Demon Scream

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