Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liberal Idiots Clash with Police In Madison WI - Video

We see liberal/Democrat Thugs on a daily basis now that Republicans have the majority back around the Country. You don't hear Obama calling for civility like he did during the peaceful Tea Party's do you? Now we have real thuggery and nothing from the Uniter in Chief, interesting. Of course Obama and his posse of Radicals in the White House are supporting these Union thugs. Obama says "They Bring a Knife, We Bring a Gun!" There is no doubt what side he is on.


But NOT if you are a UNION member or a DEMOCRATIC Senator.

We were told OBAMA WON and we had to WAIT until NOVEMBER 2, 2010 to be able to speak out at THE BALLOT BOX.

If these people DISAGREE then they should follow the law and in coming elections VOTE THE REPUBLICANS OUT.

They can work to repeal or revoke Gov Walkers decision, but to use THUGGERY AND VIOLENCE IS TOTALLY BARBARIC AND UNACCEPTABLE!

Walker should get the NATIONAL GUARD IN THERE NOW.

Watch these idiot Obama/Union Thugs in action.

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