Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Best Friend (Moe) Mocha Faustman - R.I.P.

In the spring of 2001 our family was blessed to add a new child to the family a puppy and his name was Mocha. He was a tiny brown sprout, a male chocolate lab that Tresa and I wanted very much.

Moe was adorable as a pup and still is to this day. He couldn't run without tripping over his clumsy stumps for feet when he tried to keep up with me running in the yard. I recall him fitting in one of my hands. He looked like a root beer candy (round) and his coat was the same in color. He grew quickly into a 100 pound baby that always thought he could fit in your lap. When ever I felt bad or down my Moe was always there to lift me up with his beautiful light brown eyes and perky ears. His fur was the softest on any lab I have ever felt. Soothing to the touch. There wasn't a single time that I came home from work and took off my boots that I could avoid his kiss hello. He was truly a gentle giant.

He loved going for walks no matter where we went and if he saw water he wanted to be in it. His excitement was that of the most exuberant child. We probably walked more than a thousand miles together he and I. I loved being with him and he loved our time together as well.

Every 4th of July we had to worry about him because he is very afraid of fireworks. I remember coming home from the fireworks one year and he had crapped all over the laundry room, what a mess. He couldn't help it though, he was just terrified of the loud booms. Though his greatest fear was the Vet. like many dogs I would assume.

I know I have written in the present tense and the past tense here, it's because today we have to put our baby to sleep. He has a tumor growing inside him that is making it hard for him to breathe and he can't eat like his normal self. He is losing weight and is fighting to stay with us but we have to end his suffering. It hurts me so very much. I fight back the tears in a losing battle here as I type this memorial message to whom ever will read it. I will never be the same again without my best friend by my side.

My son took this video last night. It is time for my baby to be free of suffering. We just got back from the Vets office. I am devastated but Moe went peacfully in our arms.

I know we will be together again someday but I don't want to be without my baby boy. I love you Moe, more than anyone could love anyone or anything. Maybe God can walk you, throw your ball and enjoy you as much as I did. I am broken hearted and will be for a long time.

I had no better loyal friend than my precious Moe. About the time you read this my innocent angel will be going to sleep for the last time here on earth.

Many people would say dogs are not close members of the family but to those people I say you are clueless, heartless or both.

God Bless My Baby Mocha and May He Rest in Peace until we join him again.

Please say a prayer for my best friend.


Amusing Bunni said...

Oh Philip, I am so sad, reading this just makes me cry too. You were very brave to end darling Moe's suffering. A better human he could never had. I know how sad you are, believe me. I had to do the same thing with my first doggie, and I still cry thinking of her.

Moe was so lucky to have you for his wonderful life.
He is at the Rainbow bridge watching over you, and you and your family will be reunited with him in Heaven again when the time comes.
It's nice you have so many memories and that lovely video. I wish I had video camera's when I had my doggies. Please take care and I'm praying for all of you. God Bless, Bunni

Government Mess said...

Thank you Bunni, your kind loving comments mean very much to me and my family in this time of unspeakable pain. You are a beautiful soul Bunni and we all will meet again. If there is one thing that I know in my heart it is that life doesn't end here. Sweet dreams