Wednesday, March 23, 2011

N.O.W. = National Organization for Liberal Women Only

Sarah Palin (and her family) has been degraded and lied about in the most vulgar ways imaginable. The liberal Main Stream Media covers it up while disparaging her at the same time by not admitting such atrocities taking place.

You may not be aware of the latest liberal to stoop to new disgusting lows, Bill Maher. Bill called Sarah Palin a dumb (female body part) in his latest attempt to be funny, video below. This guy is a pathetic liberal jerk that is not funny at all in my opinion. He is the classic pompous, arrogant, better than everyone else liberal on display.

So where are the human rights groups when a Conservative needs defending? Where have they been? The most prominent female civil rights group is the National Organization for Women or N.O.W. This women's rights group has not uttered a single word in defense of Sarah Palin.

Lets turn things around here a tiny bit. If Bill Maher had called Hillary Clinton a "Dumb Twat" does anyone doubt that N.O.W. and all the liberal civil rights groups would be raising holy hell? Fox News (The only TV News) did a story on the extreme bias Here.

Obama and Maher are very similar in this way. So intellectually superior (in their own minds) that they don't look at or consider anyone elses opinions. Totally devoid of common sense.

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