Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Now This is how you Deal with The Somali Pirates (Vid)

No more messing around with those Somali Pirates says the Russian's. The guns on this Warship are impressive indeed. They carve up this small fleet of Pirate ships like its nothing.

I think Americans better toughen up and get Stern again or the world will never respect us again. Get back to the basics of essential government only and cut the rest. But of course this will never happen because the 'Fox is in Charge of the Hen House' as they used to say.

There are so many misinformed 'useful idiots' that think liberalism is the cool 'in thing' to support. The failure of the Main Stream Media to report objectively and even eliminate news stories all together to advance Obama and the Marxist Liberal agenda is criminal in my opinion.

The only thing Government does well is GROW and it's always in the name of bettering our society. "The Departments Of" Government programs and regulations offices such as The Department of Education for example was set up to improve education and our education is in fact worse off than before a government program spent billions supposedly to improve the situation. The Department of Agriculture? Useless! Department of Energy? Energy is more expensive now than ever, another scam. I can go on and on but you get the idea. It's just more Tax dollars pissed away into the black hole called the US Government.

Defend our Borders, operate the courts and essential services only, cut the rest. Deficit solved. Record Surplus and great economic times to come.

Together they rule (for now). Liberals, Hollywood, Main Stream Media, Unions, Most School Teachers, College Campuses, Civil Rights (Hate) Groups, George Soros, General Electric, Al Gore, Climate Change Taxes to save the Earth Ponzi Schemes. Together they unite to brainwash our children and even ourselves (if we let them). If you don't watch Fox News or listen to Conservative talk radio you Do Not know fully what is going on around you. OK... I digress... lol!

I bet you one thing is for sure, the Somali Pirates are Liberals. Now watch the Libs get blown to smithereens...lol!

Thanks to Dirty Harry for the Awesome Video


Reaganite Republican said...

That's how you do it

Amusing Bunni said...

Amen to that! GM, of course we need a leader w/actual balls to implement this course of action out here!
Great vid, I'm faving it.