Sunday, March 20, 2011

President Sarah Palin? Sure, Here's Why - India Speech

Sarah Palin is no airhead (contrary to what all Liberals claim) and that's why you will never see this speech shown on Main Stream News stations. Sarah shows more solid core values, common sense, and patriotic love for country than Obama ever has. Sarah is, by far, much more qualified to be President than Obama ever was. The proof is right here.

This speech is great and it reminds us again that the Palin Haters are Classless Lying Liberals willing to make up lies about her and claim it is truth. The MSM helps them get away with it. They are all in the same crime family.

This speech exemplifies why I love Sarah Palin. She is one of us common folk, she says what she means and doesn't dodge the issues. Enough of me blabbering, enjoy Sarah's Excellent Speech.

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Part 3

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