Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stossel - Black Farmer Fraud = Reparations? Govt. Waste

The poor oppressed minorities are getting tax dollars as reparations? Why are people coming here from all over the world if it’s so horrible a place to be? This Pigford Scam says it all. After all, their ancestors suffered so we taxpayers have to pay for someone else being racist? This is a fine example of our Government being totally out of control. Fraud right out in the open and if anyone speaks out against it they are of course, a Racist.

I think the race card has turned into reverse racism against whites. Whites are the new minority and I guarantee you no one will come to our aid in our lifetime. Liberals love to play the race card and who would deny the poor black man his 50k in reparations?

Stossel exposes the Fraudulent Lawyer and the Free Loaders here, enjoy.

The Race card is being used to commit Federal Fraud and it is OK because blacks deserve reparations? Where will this end? I fear our nation is damaged beyond repair. People think times are tough now, they have no clue what is coming. The crash of the Dollar will put us all in the poor house and its coming to a theatre near everyone real soon. This irresponsible spending has to stop, yesterday. Wake up! We have to get the idiot politicians to stop spending. NO MORE GROWTH IN GOVERNMENT!

May God Help US!

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