Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Union Thug "I am going to break Your G*d D**n Neck!" Video

We never saw a single Tea Party Protestor act like this but the Main Stream Media (falsely) claimed we (Tea Party Patriots) were Radical Extremists. Funny how they could never find any proof but we see the liberal union thugs all over Youtube. Of course the liberal news puppets would never report on their own radicals acting like fools.

It's sick to see these union fools upset about having to pay their fair share of their medical insurance and pension programs. They think they are better than us lowly private sector workers, obviously. They easily forget that it is the American Tax Payers dollar they live on and WE Are The Taxpayers! We will shrink the size of Government and the Fraud/Ponzi Scheme that goes hand in hand with it.

It is simple math that says we the taxpayers can NOT keep paying for the lavish benefit packages of the public sector union employees. In addition to that the government is growing at a record pace meaning more and more govt employees. We just can't pay for it.

Check out this Union Thug thinking he is a tough guy. What a fool.

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