Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Barack Obama's Legacy of FAILURE - TV Ad

This video clip nails it! This is the truth about the Liberals 'Chosen One', 'The Messiah', the Marxist in Chief, the Jelly Spined USA Apologist, Barack Hussein Obama.

Both sides (Dems and Reps) got us into this fiscal black hole we can agree.

A factoid that the left hates to hear is this; Obama has spent more than all the previous administrations [COMBINED] before him. This means that he is the biggest spender ever in U.S. history by a multiple of more than 40 times.

The Libs always point the finger at Bush as a distraction or a conversation changer.

Let's look forward not back and find ways to cut massive federal spending so we can avoid a depression and give our future generations the same opportunities that we had.

Conservative values are the only solution. If I (We) have to spend within our means so should the U.S. Government. Every average American family has had to cut spending to be able to pay all the bills so why does'nt the Federal and State Government’s have too? Watch this video and you will be impressed.

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