Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Barack Obama's Marxist History Revealed Part 1 (Video)

Finally the truth about Barack Obama's history is revealed. This is a must see video.

This information will be nonexistent in the M.S.M. The Marxist's (Liberals and their media) flock together. This video just shows how dirty and corrupt our (so called) media is. They all lie and hide the truth/facts from the drones that are stupid enough to watch and listen to their drivel.

If you really want the truth you will watch Fox News and listen to Rush, Levin, Hannity, and Beck. Liberals are hardcore drones that believe their own lies and live in a vacuum devoid of common sense. We must defeat them in 2012 or else!

We're told Barack Obama's history and character are somehow off-limits. But personal history makes character, and the character of the President of the United States is something we have a right to be interested in.

In Part 1 of this meticulously researched and and sourced series, Bill examines both the Dunhams and the Obamas -- each steeped in Marxism and Anti-Americanism and each a long, long way away from mainstream American culture.

Thanks to Right Scoop for the Video.

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