Thursday, April 21, 2011

Liberals, The Real Radical Extremists Curse 14 yr old Girl @ Tea Party

While a 14 year old girl was giving a speech on stage at the 2011 Madison WI Tea Party, this leftist thug was shouting out his opinion.

Well we sure see who the real radical extremists thugs are now don't we? Of course the main stream media and all the liberal hypocrites don't see anything wrong here. This would have been headline news and every liberals wet dream if this type of behavior were associated with anyone in the Tea Party and caught on video.

Over and over again we see how warped, disgusting and uncivilized the liberals are. They love to hate, as seen here in this video.

Warning: foul language and inappropriate conduct, which comes natural to liberals everywhere. Dana Loesch's interview with the 14 year old girl after this event below as well. More proof of crazy liberals below for those people that may say this is a one time event.

Dana Loesch Interviews 14-Year-Old Tea Party Girl Who Was Heckled With Obscenities By Union Thug

Crazy Liberal - Literally Frothing At The Mouth - Video Click Here

Liberal Protester "I Will F**k You in the A**! You Faggot! Video - Click Here

Liberals Send Death Wishes/Threats To Sarah Palin - Video

Many thanks go out to Andrew Breitbart (as always) for getting the truth out to those of us that want to hear it and spread it. God bless you sir and keep fighting for our future & freedom. If you want to buy Andrew Breitbart's awesome new book "Righteous Indignation" click here.

Nuff said!

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