Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pastor Terry Jones Gets Arrested for Planned Protest (Vid)

The Government is now silencing people they deem unfit to voice their opinion in public? They won't be happy until they control every aspect of our lives. The bigger Government gets the fewer freedoms we have.

We are living in a Twilight Zone episode or an Orwell movie. Nothing makes sense anymore. Has anyone seen the videos of the thousands of Muslims filling the streets of European towns and cities (Video Here) and then they all get down and pray. They shut down peoples lives so they can pray. They build their numbers and gradually take over as seen in Europe.

'Sharia Law' is one of the biggest threats to the USA. 'Honor Killings' have been happening right within our own borders but the corrupt liberal media doesn't cover it, why? Because it wouldn't be 'Politically Correct'. Tolerance is a one way street with Muslims, not all, but the majority.

In many Muslim countries Christians and non-believers are executed and it is perfectly justified in the Koran to do so.

This man, Terry Jones wanted to discuss Sharia Law and have a protest to make his very valid point. There is no one talking about this very real threat and he wants to bring attention to it. Mr. Jones is pointing out the intolerance of Islam as Muslims around the world kill people because they heard he burned the Koran. Can we allow this intolerance to infest the USA? We already are.

The Muslim Protesters in the video didn't get arrested? They celebrate a victory against 'Free Speech'. We silently sit by as thousands of Muslims flood into our country and grow entire cities that are like being in an Islamic nation. The call to prayer is played on loud speakers it howls over the entire area. If you want to experience an Islamic Country just go to Dearborn Michigan.

Please discuss Sharia Law with everyone you know. It is evil and very barbaric to its core. God Bless Terry Jones and I hope he gets a chance to speak publicly soon.

Terry Jones explains his view of the Koran and why he torched it

Muslims fill the streets of France

Truth about Islam and Sharia Law

God bless Terry Jones. He is NOT spreading hate at all. He is pointing out the intolerance of Islam as Muslims around the world kill people because he burned the Koran. He made his point very clearly but the liberal MSM says he he is spreading hate, they are wrong. Sharia Law is what he wants to protest and I agree with his views on Saraia as well. Most Muslims believe in Sharia Law. It is evil and everything that the USA is not about. Women are human beings too. Stop The Islamization of the USA.


Reaganite Republican said...

Say what you want about Terry Jones' judgement, motives, what have you... THIS is what a warrior looks like, people.

And he's fighting for OUR side... getting right in their face

Go get 'em Rev

Government Mess said...

Spot on James as always. Happy Easter to you and yours my friend.