Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Separation of School and State - Government Indoctrination

As most educated people already know the Federal Government nearly screws up everything it attempts to run. They/We also know the Marxists/Progressives want to control every aspect of our daily lives too. Wake Up! If you didn't already know this!

Public Education is corrupt with Liberal Bias/Indoctrination of our most impressionable young children. Not to mention the standard operating procedure of all government programs being extremely inefficient/over budget and wasteful of the tax payers dollars.

The "Department Of's" Education, Energy, Agriculture and many more can be cut right now in my opinion. They were created to improve (or make more affordable) Education, Energy, and Agriculture and they did not. Everything is much worse off and more expensive with the Federal Government (FEDZILLA) in control.

Of course they always claim they are doing it for us and the betterment of our society. Which is always a lie. They grow Government to acumulate more power/money for themselves and their special interest cronies/best friends.

The states can handle their Constitutional requirement to provide services if the voters want it.

The Federal Government should stay the Hell Out Of American Families Lives! I digress and implore you to watch this gentleman's eye opening perspective, enjoy.

Intro: Who likes the sound of a school bell? Sheldon Richman certainly doesn't.

"Schools, by their structure, are preparing kids for some sort of authoritarian lifestyle," he says.

Richman is critical of the school choice movement, saying that even in charter schools, money is still being provided by the state. This is a must watch/listen.

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