Wednesday, May 25, 2011

C.L. Bryant - What The Liberal Drones Need To Hear

This man, Rev. C.L. Bryant is just amazing!

To me, evil is defined by people trying to help others by FORCE.

Evil removes free will.

Redistribution (individual or corporate), the EVIL child of Hubris & Envy is Pandora's Box, when opened it makes SLAVES of the taxed, DEPENDANTS of the recipients, TYRANTS of the powerful and CRONIES of the politicians all in the name of "helping" some by enslaving others.

Progressives-Liberals-Socialis­ts are SLAVES, SLAVERS and SLAVE TRADERS! Pure EVIL!

Mr. Bryant says it best in this video. Every American should watch and listen to this man, simply awesome, enjoy.

Update: I put 2 Tea Party speeches (Videos) that C.L. made below also. They are equally if not more impressive.

Awesome! Rev. CL Bryant-"Kill the Bill" Rally-Must See Video

Rev. CL Bryant Speaks for Tea Party Patriots (Video)

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