Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Israel Remembers Holocaust-Chilling Sirens Nation Wide

Where are the brainless jerks that deny the holocaust at right now? These people know the truth and so do most rational thinking people. There is not one rational liberal; they all believe their own lies. Obama himself won't acknowledge Israel’s plight or their right to build on their own land. Liberalism is a disease of the brain. We once in a great while hear of a Liberal that finally saw the error of their ways and became a Conservative, but, I have never heard of a True Conservative that changed into a Liberal, have you? That fact alone proves who is right on the issues. We must cleanse our political offices free of RINO's and Liberals for starters. There really is no difference between the two. There are Conservatives and then there are the above mentioned. CUT GOVERNMENT IN HALF BY 2015. 20% across the board right after the 2012 election. The only department that should not be cut is the U.S. Military. After all that is the number 1 priority for the Federal Government, to protect our nation.

I am very proud to say I stand with Israel and its brave citizens. I hope god keeps them safe from the terrorists on the other side of the fence. They deserve to live in peace too. This video brought tears to my eyes, enjoy.

Many thanks to Right Scoop for the video.


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