Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Tribute - Fallen Warriors - Never Forget

God bless our fallen heroes and our brave service men and women fighting for our freedoms.

The liberal idiots that can disrespect our military have that right to do so because of the battles our military heroes fought and died in (and continue to do so).

I hope our country can be saved from these Marxist/Socialist redistribution of wealth pukes in office today. Most of our Government is Anti-American in the traditional sense of the phrase. Follow the guidelines of the Constitution and what our founding fathers intended, nothing more, nothing less. Our government is beyond out of control. It is addicted to power/money and control over all of us. It won't be stopped unless "We The People" stand up in mass and vote for pure conservatives (Not R.I.N.O.S) in every election. That time is coming soon. If we don't clean house in the 2012 election the revolution will be certain. They won't stop until they have control over every aspect of our lives. That's a fact.

Educate everyone you can and God Bless all Conservatives. Happy Memorial Day to all, but never forget our Hero’s that have given us every thing we have.

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