Friday, May 6, 2011

Obama Regime The Adults, The Rest of Us are The Children

We are told by Obama and his regime that releasing a photo of Osama bin Laden's corpse would be insensitive to the Islamic world and that it would be "Spiking The Football". It also could be used as a recruitment tool according to Obama. Today at Ground Zero Obama was "Spiking the football" and patting himself on the back as he always does. He gives himself credit (of course wrongfully) for single handedly being the reason Osama was killed. Obama, his Liberal Media Puppets and warped Hollywood will continue to "Spike this Football" all the way to the 2012 election. Obama and this administration is acting as if the American People are children as we are told by them, the supposed Adults, that we don't need to see confirmation of Osama's death. Aren't they working for us? Didn't the American taxpayer foot the bill for this operation? I suggest to the man-child Obama this piece of advice. The world wants to see evidence of Osama's death and NOW!

Most people I work with including mostly Muslims do not believe that Osama bin Laden is dead by the way. They/We all want to see proof. People can choose to look or not, we are not children.

This man, our (so called) President is not Pro-American at all. He is doing more harm/destroy to our nation and its vital interests than any President ever has in our history, keep reading.

Isn't it funny how Obama ran as fast as he could to release thousands of pictures of alleged Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse? Where was the deep worry for our military service men and women then? Concern about Incitement? Yeah right. If there was ever a huge recruitment tool it was those photos that Obama decided to release. He had no concern for our military service men and women then, why now? Everyone knows he is playing political football with the Osama bin Laden's death pictures. My bet is he will hold off until close to election time to release the photos. He intends to milk this dry cow all the way to the 2012 election.

I pray conservatives win big in 2012 and in all future elections. If we band together and inform the masses of the truth that the Liberals and the M.S.M. hides from them we increase our chances of taking back our country. Keep fighting fellow Tea Party Patriots!

Wow! Rush really points out who Obama really is here! Fantastic and on point as always. This is a must listen because Rush exposes Obama in a multitude of different ways. Everyone needs to hear the facts and no one presents the truth like Rush does.

I agree with Ann Coulter's perspective here on the Sean Hannity Show.

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