Friday, May 20, 2011

Patriotic Leader Speaks at the White House - Netanyahu

Obama gets his ass handed to him by a Real Leader Benyamin Netanyahu. Reality (Isreal) verses Liberal (Obama/Soros/Marxists) fantasy land.

Ben for Presiedent! What a true leader looks like right there (7:15). Notice the dramtic difference between these two leaders. Netanyahu looks at Obama intensly when he speaks. Obama can barely hold his head up when the Prime Minister schools him.

Doesn't it seem strange that Obama is more concerned with Isreal's borders than our own U.S. border?

I have always loved Netanyahu and his direct talk. He doesn't waste time like the Teleprompter in Chief does. I have always understood that Isreal and its people are the victims, not the Terrorists on the other side of the fence.

Islam is a sick ideology and it's filled with hate and jihad. God bless Israel and its wonderful people, smart people in the USA love you.

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