Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Water Boarding Got Osama, Thanks to Bush/Cheney (Video)

God bless Dick Cheney and George Bush. If not for the enhanced interrogation techniques that they used we would never have killed or captured Osama bin Laden. Anyone with common sense that evaluates the facts knows this is an excellent way to get information that saves American lives; it has saved thousands of lives already. Obama takes full credit for getting bin Laden but will never admit water-boarding was successful and safe to use on our enemy combatants to extract vital information.

Thanks to Obama we no longer can make our enemies uncomfortable. Obama thinks he can smooth talk our enemies into giving up the information, obviously. The entire world views the USA as weak and cowardly thanks to this administrations Marxist/Liberal/Appeasement Ideology. Obama is careful to not to offend anyone, except the citizens of the USA.

Updated Side Note: He hates Israel too. Like any good Muslim would.

Dick Cheney speaks the truth on enhanced interrogations and its success.

Liz Cheney lays out the facts here.

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