Thursday, June 23, 2011

Geert Wilders Cleared of Rediculous Hate Speech Charges

Dutch politician THE GREAT GEERT WILDERS has been cleared of of inciting hatred against Muslims. God bless Mr. Wilders and his bravery to stand up to the intolerant Islamic faith. Freedom of speech is victorious, thank God, not Allah.

A strong candidate for the Prime Minister of the Netherlands and leader of the Party of Freedom, Geert Wilders has sparked controversy across the world. He adamantly opposes the mix of western and Islamic cultures, and accuses the Quran and its followers of wanting to take over the world. Nationally syndicated columnist Diana West is live in studio with Alyona to discuss the significance of recent local wins for Wilder and his party.

The Liberal reporter asking the questions is a classic airhead that just doesn't have the ability to learn anything. She repeatedly says "I just don't understand" when the facts are spelled out to her in simple terms. Liberals always have their heads stuck in the sand so they can deny the truth.

Here is Geert Wilders message of truth. His final comments before judgement. This is a real Leader and in my opinion a Brave Warrior of Truth. I Stand With Geert Wilders 100%, God Bless Him and Keep Him Safe. This is very moving.

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